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Brief Introduction to Dutch Politics (English)

Tuesday, 27th of July 2021, via Zoom (link after registration)

Learn how local Dutch Politics impacts your life as an international living in Amsterdam by joining D66 Amsterdam City Council Member Daniƫlle de Jager for a webinar on a 'Brief Introduction to Dutch Politics' on July 27th at 8PM CET.

Danielle will highlight the history of D66, what roles & responsibilities the city council has, how it works with other levels of government, and how the local government impacts an international’s in the Netherlands. There will be a live Q&A to follow.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The role of the local city government.
  • How the local government impacts your life.
  • What responsibilities the city council has and how it works with other levels of government.
  • About D66 (Democratic Party founded in 1966), our activities and vision for internationals in Amsterdam

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27 juli

20:00 uur